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Vancouver Trade Shows Provide one of the Best Settings Anywhere

Vancouver Trade Shows have an advantage over many shows from around the world. This city is one of the most beautiful cities anywhere in the world.

The setting provides an amazing backdrop to a show and or convention.

The Pan Pacific Hotel is one of two 4 star hotels in Vancouver and a wonderful location for trade show. It is situated on the water and provides not only world class facilities but it is located close to so many things to do.

When is a Good Time of Year to Hold or Attend a Trade Show in Vancouver

Vancouver is known as a destination city during the peak seasons you would expect. In the summer there are tons of festivals and events.

In the winter Vancouver is a gateway city for some of the best skiing in the world at Whistler BC, home of the 2010 Winter Olympics.

Naturally accomodations cost more during the peak seasons but because of its temperate climate spring and fall are ideal times for events.

Outdoor Themes for Vancouver Trade Shows

The natural setting of Vancouver surrounded by outdoors and outdoors activities is a common theme for its residents.


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