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Seattle Trade Shows
Hints and Tips

Seattle Trade Shows provide an opportunity to not only participate in an industry-specific show but to be located in one of the most naturally beautiful regions of the United States.

The Washington State Convention and Trade Center in downtown Seattle is an excellent facility.

Don't forget, if you want to query on the different shows scheduled in the Seattle area to follow this link to Seattle Trade Shows.

More on Seattle Trade Shows.

If you are in town for one of the great Seattle Trade Shows, make sure you take time to get to Pike Market.

It is a unique experience and worth the time out!

Trade Show Marketing Tip

A small home builder told me that they had attended a local home show for years.

They set the booth and received lots of leads and always knew what was happening in the industry as competitors and suppliers made announcements for the audience.

In recent years they noticed that the traffic started to drop off. The volume and quality of leads felt like they were dropping.

They felt anxious that they weren't quite getting the value they used to but didn't want to drop the show as it was one of their primary means of new leads.

Their question? What do we do?

The answer lies not in what you feel, but what you can measure.

Do you track the leads from your show? How many total? And how many become business?

This is one area that companies seem to be very lax at. If you pick up a 100 leads and close none, was it worth it? If you find 10 and close 5 was it worth it?

Do you think these numbers are an accident? Not really.

Your decisions on what shows to attend (or not), what offers to make (or not) and how to qualify prospects (or not) are one key to show success.

So don't forget. Measure, measure, measure.

And when you are faced with the decision on whether to drop a show, add a show, or change tactics at a show, you will have confidence based on data, not fear.


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