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Orlando Trade Shows

Orlando trade shows are held in one of the most beautiful areas around.

There is no doubt you need a rental car here since it is quite a ride from the airport to the resorts on or near the Disney property.

Orlando Trade Shows have the distinction of being a great place to be in November because of the weather or in the summer because of the proximity of family activities.

When you are thinking of things to do with key customers, partners or suppliers in this area it would be worth it to look at one of the many golf courses in the area.

Make sure you plan this one in advance but there are few ways to extend your business relationship like 5 hours on a beautiful golf course.

For specific information on Orlando Trade Shows click here.

Trade Show Marketing Tip

Logistics for a show can provide some of your most interesting challenges. Remember, in your planning to plan for those things you don't expect. What is the list of things that could go missing in transit? Which ones are show breakers for you?

Have a backup plan for as many as possible and if not a back up plan, then make sure you have lots of time to react.

The two killers to shows is the last-minute syndrome and the no-plan syndrome.

Does your show plan have you running a check list of 'show breakers'? If not, do one.

It only matters when things go wrong.

For me the simple one is to wear day one of your show uniform on the plane. If a bag goes missing and you are out of 'uniform' on show day, that is a problem.

Like many things, the concept is simple, the execution is trickier.

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