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New York Trade Shows
Information and Tips

New York Trade Shows are some of the best around. Mostly because they are BIG. Anything held at the Jacob Javitz Center is going to be large.

Not only do you have your choice of three airports (none of which is my favorite) to choose from, but you have literally hundreds of hotel choices. In New York your best bet for transportation is to have a driver availible for you or just work on straight cabs.

Its not overwhelming to drive in New York but you may end up with a three day parking tab which, at $40 per day, can be suprising!

Of the New York Trade Shows we participated in the Jacob Javitz Center the PC Expo in June was one of the most interesting.

Specific Information on New York Trade Shows - click here.

Trade Show Marketing Tip

What can you do with key suppliers, partners, or customers after show hours which is unique and different.

New York of course allows you to participate in numerous activities and events but one secret is to do something no one else can generally do. Tickets to the Yankees is not too hard, broadway plays the same. Here's an idea to get you thinking.

One of the New York Trade Shows we attended PC Expo on June and had our new sales team of 3 with us. We were also meeting and working on a new strategic alliance so we wanted to get some time to build our relationship.

One of my reps was Turkish so we found the best Turkish restaurant in New York and got a private room at the back. Once we were there, we had the owner, his wife, their cousin, and the chef all coming to our table to talk and laugh and ensure we had a wonderul time. I didn't follow the language but we were made to feel very at home.

Why did this work?

Did it cost a fotrune? NO.

Was it unique and different? YES.

Our alliance prospect had never felt so comfortable at a dinner like this. We were strangers in a strange city (couldn't help this one!) but we felt like family that had been away for awhile.

This event cememted our relationship and raised the bar for our competition to match.

When we met with them in their home city, this dinner was still a topic of conversation.

I am always interested in stories you have of things that were 'unique and different' AND didn't break the bank.

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