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Las Vegas Trade Shows
Tips and Traps

Las Vegas is probably one of the best cities anywhere to hold a trade show in and Las Vegas Trade Shows are often some of the largest.

It is large, has great infrastructure, and many things to do beyond the show itself.

The COMDEX trade show in November used to be one of the best shows in Vegas with over 175,000 delegates at its peak. Now the monster show seems to be the Consumer Electronics Show in January.

To find information on Las Vegas Trade Shows don't forget to look at Las Vegas Trade Shows.

Trade Show Tip

Many of your staff may be attending a show for the first time and they may forget (or maybe you forgot to brief them) that Trade Shows have a business purpose-and that is to generate new leads or launch a product.

If you have been to a show here, you will know how easy it is to end up working on a few hours of sleep.

When you are planning your show, you need to remember to include pre-show training on what is considered acceptable behavior in the cities you attend.

A few hours sleep might be ok-if you have a method to handle the fatique that comes with that.

Do you have short shifts in the booth?

Do you have team events for some (but not all) evenings?

Do you have client events scheduled for evenings?

Do you have a hospitality suite?

You may be asking yourself at this point why should it matter if my team is tired?

Well, if you are tired, you may not find it as easy to stay on key message with the media.

You might find yourself skipping all of the qualifying questions you need to ask to find qualitied prospects.

You might find your testiness doesn't impress a key supplier.

So make sure you account for human nature and fatique in your trade show plan. (You do have a plan don't you?)


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