Mitch Tarr Can Help You Benefit from his 10 Years of Trade Show Marketing

Mitch Tarr has been a successful marketer, salesman, executive, and entrepreneur in the technology industry for over 23 years.

He is the principal of ZinMarketing Inc, a consulting company which helps integrate email marketing with trade show marketing programs. Our goal is to have you market and sell where you will get the best result with the least amount of resources.

He has worked for such notable companies as IBM, Oracle, Net Nanny Software and others learning and developing the best and most effective trades show marketing programs on the planet.

His customers have said that he has the ‘unique ability to see a marketing situation and turn it into a practical plan, with measurable results-fast!’

Mr. Tarr is a recognized public speaker, lives in Napa, CA, skis, plays squash, speaks passable French and researches and studies new email and trade show marketing strategies for his customers’ benefit.

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There are show managers, exhibit halls, travel requirements, staff training, booth designers, booth suppliers, apparel suppliers, printers, technical staff, demonstration products, shippers, logistics, give-aways, customers, prospects and of course competitors to deal with.

Somebody has to bring these elements together in a way that creates value. That somebody is Mitch Tarr.! 

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